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Jonny - I passed my my praxis with 172. I got more points then I needed. I will tell everyone to get help for 5047 exam from you. Thanks Ashley  H.
Mary I got my score and passed the exam just by one point. I got the PE job posting. Thank you so much for helping me. Caitlin F.

I passed and I got 10 points more than I needed. Thank you so much. I will tell everyone about you guys. Lathe J.

I want to give thanks to Carey for helping me pass me. I passed the 5038 exam after taking it 7 times. I recommend this service to everyone looking to pass praxis as my friend use this service to pass 5081 exam. Things I like about the service is they provide resources that are aligned with the exam and they give practice that makes you think. Also I had a lot of stuff going on and a crazy schedule and Carey worked around my schedule. This program works and I can testify to that and I recommend it to everyone. Jackie G.

Thanks for helping me pass my pe exam. I can student teach and finally graduate this means a lot to me. Barry H.

My daughter took the praxis last month and passed and I had my daughter do the 8 weeks course. 8 weeks is expensive but the money soooooooo much. My daughter took the praxis core math exam. She took the exam 7 times and use everything. She did private tutoring with her professors to all the study guide there and the ets study guide. Nothing helped. This service was able to get my daughter to pass and recommend this program to any parent wanting their child to pass. Kate D.

I passsssssss. This was been a long ride thank you for helping me pass the music exsm. Liz D.
I made a 166 on the exam. Thanks so much!!!!!  I got a job as elementary teacher 5 miles from my house. Best job. Douglass F.

After trying many other websites and guides, I was lucky to find the PRAXIS Preparation Tutors, which are the easiest and the fastest way to prepare for the exam. – Kevin M.

Thank you PRAXIS Preparation Tutors. You saved my job and I am able to provide for my family. Thank you. David L.  

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