When is Praxis Preparation Tutors Available?

We have instructors available most of the day, and we do accommodate students’ schedules.    

What subjects/exams are covered by Praxis Preparation Tutors?

We offer tutoring for PRAXIS I and various PRAXIS II exams. Please chat with an agent to get more information on PRAXIS II Exams.

What is the cost for using our service?

Please check our pricing page to obtain information regarding cost of our service.

What are the services provided by Praxis Preparation Tutors?

We offer PRAXIS Online Test Prep Classes, PRAXIS Live Online Tutoring, PRAXIS Email Tutoring, and PRAXIS Workshops.

What is the difference between Live Online Tutoring and Praxis Online Test Prep Class?

Live Online Tutoring is recommended for individuals who are looking for a quick review on concepts they are not familiar with or need a

quick review. Praxis Online Test Prep Class is a complete course aimed to provide content material, test writer questions, and strategies.

Does Praxis Preparation Tutors sell material (study guides)?

No PRAXIS Preparation Tutors does not sell any products. We are in the business of services.

Is there a money back guaranteed?

At PRAXIS Preparation Tutors, our main goal is to ensure your success on the PRAXIS Exam. We will devote as much time, energy, andresources to see you pass the PRAXIS Exam and start teaching. Our tutors are highly qualified to assist you with the PRAXIS Exams and are devoted to providing you with quality service. However, we do not guarantee any particular score you will receive on the exam as
all states have different requirements to pass the exam.

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