PRAXIS Preparation Tutors is a privately owned company with operation headquarters located in Boston, MA and with tutors located across the nation. We are a group of educators focused on helping students pass PRAXIS.  PRAXIS Tutors understands the significance of acquiring teacher certification, which is why our tutors dedicate their time, energy, and resources for your success on the PRAXIS Exam. We have PRAXIS classes taught by the brightest minds on various subject areas for the PRAXIS Exam. Our PRAXIS Tutors have design online classes and develop strategies, which have proven to be a victorious tool in passing the PRAXIS Exam.

Real Students Passing the Exam - Video Testimonial

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July 2016 Real Students Passing The PRAXIS Exam

Audrey G. passed the PRAXIS Music Exam with the 8 weeks test prep course

Real Students Passing The Exam

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Best Tutors – We have certified PRAXIS tutors, teachers, and instructors with experience in helping students with standardized exams.
Excellent Track Record – Our service has been effectively assisting individuals with the PRAXIS Exams and helping more and more teachers enter the classroom.
Quality Services – PRAXIS Preparation Tutors does business honestly by providing quality services.
Accurate Information – PRAXIS Preparation Tutors is focused on provided content knowledge that is directly seen on the exam.

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